The Platform



Our Platform, FUNDAUS, has been created with our entire personal involvement and dedication of our team of professionals – starting from its unique design to uniform multilevel scoring and valuation system that enables to select only the best investment offers. 

And so, we will go on, growing it up as a child and never taking our eyes off it. Involving not only our intellect and expertise, but giving away all our heart and soul. We treat the users of our Platform, our dear clients, as our friends. With best of our care and responsibility. 

Our commitments:

  • Transparency

In each our offer, we provide complete and accurate information on the project owner and the project, gathered from reliable sources and verified to the extent possible. For projects, delivered to the market in several stages and financed in installments, the descriptions of the offer, including financial statements of the project owner, collateral appraisals, etc. may be updated. Our project owners are aware of the benefits of their openness and transparency. We believe that the information we provide is sufficiently comprehensive and unambiguous for decision taking, however, should you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our support team at any time and we will be glad to answer any questions you have or may arise. No pig in a poke never ever!

  • Objectiveness

In order to minimize the human factor involvement in project valuation, we have developed our standardized approach to the assessment of potential offers and project owners. There are no good and bad projects; there are offers and project owners that meet our strict rules and criterion and there are those that do not.  

  • Independent valuation and expertise

Besides information and documentation, provided by the potential project owners, FUNDAUS performs its independent scoring-based valuation of the projects. It is a unique, scoring-based multilevel system, including AML and sanctions risks, financial situation and legal aspects of the project owners’ performance. In case of necessity, independent experts are retained on case by case basis.

  • Security

All our projects are secured.  This does not mean these are “zero risk” offers though (please see our risk warnings for more information). This rather means that our offers all have transparent marketable collaterals and/or other (alternative) pledges that we consider to be sufficient to provide you a reasonable LTV ratio. 

Additional security measures from our side includes a) monitoring and disclosing current financial situation of the project owner and project implementation stages; b) S.P.V., established and controlled by Platform associated company in order to keep all hard copies of the documents and to hold the collateral in the interests of the investors, which provides an additional protection  for them until they achieve all the possible satisfaction.

  • Profitability

The projects we place on the Platform are subject to thorough selection and, therefore, meet advanced risk-profitability criterion. It means that we select investment offers with low risks, sufficient collateral and attractive interest rates. Currently it may be the reason why our offers are limited, but we are doing our best to surprise you with a range of brilliant investment offers as soon as possible!

Please mind that some of our offers may have a mixture of income offers, including a fixed interest and investment income which, subject to certain terms and conditions, can boost the income! Please keep your eye on our investment offers – if we currently do not have a lot of them, there will definitely be more soon. 

  • Best practice codes

Before launching our Platform, we studied thoroughly not only the applicable law to comply with, but also the prospective normative acts and enactments, including the prospective EU regulation pertaining to crowdfunding Platforms (CF Regulation) that is expected to come into force in or before 2022. 

Despite the fact that the forthcoming EU regulation at the moment has no binding force, we already comply with the requirements, including the maximum amount of investments for one project, and Key Investment Information Sheet on the project and project owner.

Besides that, we have thoroughly studied the recommendations and guidelines provided by Finance Estonia and undertake to meet the best practice standards, recommended by this organization. 

  • Human approach

Our Platform is with a human touch. It means that we treat all our clients as equal, highly respecting their human rights and providing human communication and feedback in all issues you may find vital and important. Any client and any issue of concern is equally important to us; therefore, we deal with each human with maximum support and care. 

We believe that most of concerns can be resolved via our Terms and FAQ; however, we will be truly pleased and honored to solve any single problem or worry as soon as possible. Kindly use our support e-mail orcontact formfor a prompt feedback at your convenience. 

In some specific cases your inquiry may take more than 24h to process, as related to certain specialized issues when we find it reasonable to forward your query to our lawyers or financial experts. If this is your case, you will be notified as soon as possible and a comprehensive answer shall be prepared in due course.  

  • Growth and development

Our business is intended for a steady growth as we believe that it is sustainable due to our professional approach and current market trends. Therefore, we will do our best to provide its long-term development without detriment to the security and comfort of our clients.

Should you have any ideas, criticism or advises on how to make our service even better, attractive and more appealing, do not hesitate to contact us and come up with your offer. Your initiative is highly welcomed and will be treated with the highest attention and respect. All our gains because of you will be awarded!

Our desire is to make you feel delighted, safe and comfortable.


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