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Our team encompasses ultimate professionals in finance, law, compliance, real estate and IT.

All our team members have impressing education and valuable work experience, which is used as a strong and secure ground for establishment of this business and provision of our services to both the investors and project owners.


Ludmila Jadcenko

Founder, CEO

Our CEO and “mom” of the Platform is Dr. Ludmila Jadcenko. 

Ludmila has been working in the financial and business consulting sector for over 15 years, starting as an investment analyst for one of the leading international real estate consultancy companies, later on leading a team of analysts and later establishing and managing her own consulting business thereafter.

Under Ludmila’s guidance and management, major investment projects have been successfully developed and implemented in diversified industries, from the processing of agricultural products to innovative high value-added products while the services rendered encompassed independent expert evidence on project feasibility, vast market researches, financial modelling and forecasts, and much more.

Ludmila holds a PhD in Economics obtained from the University of Latvia and a bachelor's degree in Law. In 2008, she was awarded the title of Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).

Before launching FUNDAUS, Ludmila has participated as a retained expert in other financial platform developing and launching “from scratch”, including the development of internal logics and accounting system of the Platform, preparing technical tasks to IT developers, team building and management. Later on, Ludmila was involved in several outsourcing-based orders of crowdfunding platform development and servicing as a financial expert and advisor.



Legal & compliance services

One of the most reliable partners and closest friends of FUNDAUS from a very beginning is BONAMEUS.

BONAMEUS SIA is a Latvian company providing business support services for different companies, but mostly – financial market participants and finance-related services providers.

BONAMEUS offers highly professional services in a field of law and compliance.

BONAMEUS team is represented by experienced lawyers, specializing in AML, MiFID, FATCA, GDPR and other today’s most important areas of compliance.

FUNDAUS legal model and AML internal control system are established with advice and assistance of BONAMEUS team and shall be monitored and updated constantly to be sure that FUNDAUS meets all the legal requirements related to its business and protects interests of its clients in the best way.


Marina Latinceva

Chief AML expert

Marina has been an integral part of the professional FUNDAUS team from the very moment of the company’s foundation. Under Marina’s guidance and with her ultimate care, all mandatory internal procedures of the Platform have been developed in accordance with the regulations and pertaining to licensing of the Platform by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Estonia as financial services provider as well as the set of documents for our agent company, FUNDAUS TRUST AGENT OÜ, that was required to receive the operating license in the area of service of trust services.

The highest standards of FUNDAUS policies and procedures, in accordance with international AML requirements and best practice of financial market participants are backed with Marina’s previous more than 10-year-long experience in commercial banks, being a responsible for customer onboarding and due diligence.

During this time, Marina has been involved in different processes related to AML in credit institutions, starting from development of policies and procedures, followed by in-depth client investigation and compliance supervision.

With a passion for continuous improvement of her professional knowledge and skills, Marina follows and reports on all recent and prospective amendments in the field of AML regulation and never misses an opportunity to participate in vocational trainings and seminars.


Edgars Smirnovs

Web designer

Being a web project professional with over 20 years of experience in creating, developing and managing web projects, mainly specializing in design, user experience and product design, Edgars managed the entire process of FUNDAUS exclusive web-site design workout from A to Z, providing for lots of original, tailor-made solutions and making a valuable contribution to the project, generating truly innovative ideas and being involved in the team work with his soul and creativity.

Later on, in tight cooperation with our IT team, Edgars managed digitalization of the web-site design and adaptation to different screen sizes and resolutions for your convenience.

During our cooperation, Edgars has approved himself as a creative professional with an unbelievable working capability and outstanding performance both as an independent responsible executive and a great team player.

The important role and successful contribution to FUNDAUS project was largely based on the preceding significant experience of Edgars in the field of start-ups, participating in the development and launch of several successful start-ups in Latvia and the USA.

As we are aimed at continuous development and user experience improvement, including design features, Edgars remains with FUNDAUS as a valuable and most creative member of our team.

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