Our Team

Our team encompasses ultimate professionals in finance, law, compliance, real estate and IT.
All our team members have impressing education and valuable work experience, which is used as a strong and secure ground for establishment of this business and provision of our services to both the investors and project owners.

Ludmila Yadchenko (Ludmila Jadčenko)

Founder, CEO Learn more via LinkedIn

Our CEO and “mom” of the Platform is Dr. Ludmila Yadchenko (Ludmila Jadčenko). Ludmila has been working in financial and business consulting sector for over 15 years, starting as an investment analyst for one of the leading international real estate consultancy companies, later on leading teams of analysts and establishing and managing her own consulting business thereafter.

Under Ludmila’s guidance and management, major investment projects have been successfully developed and implemented in diversified industries, from the processing of agricultural products to innovative high value-added products while the services rendered encompassed independent expert evidence on project feasibility, vast market researches, financial modelling and forecasts, and much more.

Ludmila holds a PhD in Economics obtained from the University of Latvia and a bachelor's degree in Law. In 2008, she was awarded the title of Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS).

Before launching FUNDAUS, Ludmila has participated as a retained expert in other financial platform developing and launching “from scratch”, including the development of internal logics and accounting system of the Platform, preparing technical tasks to IT developers, team building and management. Later on, Ludmila was involved in several outsourcing-based orders of crowdfunding platform development and servicing as a financial expert and advisor.

Janis Plotnieks (Jānis Plotnieks)

Board Member Learn more via LinkedIn

Janis Plotnieks is young but very experienced certified real estate professional, investor and entrepreneur.

During last decade, Janis has developed and launched various real estate projects, including residential buildings, villages and warehousing development projects for major international brands, as well as a private investor.

Janis’ previou experience also includes running successful marketing and HR companies, in which he is still highly involved. Janis holds a Business Administration diploma from Riga Business School (Riga Technical University) and within FUNDAUS project is going responsible for real estate project management, investor relationship co-ordination, as well as, due to his great expertise, helping the marketing team with marketing activities.

Jana Shmerling (Jana Šmerlinga)

Chief Lawyer Learn more via LinkedIn

Jana has been tightly involved in the creation and development of FUNDAUS from the very first day. She is an integral part of its core team, who, among other things and together with the CEO of FUNDAUS, generated our business model, solved issues related to establishing and licensing of the Company, drafted legal documents, planned further activities and assessed them from the legal point of view. Jana has graduated from the University of Latvia and High School Turiba and obtained Master’s Degree in Law. She has more than 15-year experience in legal field, has held several positions in banking and other financial institutions and has valuable and unique knowledge in financing, financial instruments, AML, GDPR, maritime law and ship finance, banking and corporate law.

Jana established her own legal bureau BONAMEUS in 2018, which is the main legal and compliance advisor for FUNDAUS from the beginning until now.

Upon servicing FUNDAUS, Jana performs high-level due diligence of all our customers – investors and project owners – and legal assessment of all the projects offered for financing on the FUNDAUS platform.

Mikhail Piskunov

Leading IT Developer Learn more via LinkedIn

Mikhail holds a Master degree in Engineering, obtained with excellence from Ulyanovsk State Technical University and specializes in the development of IT systems in the sphere of alternate finance, including crowdfunding and other type of platforms. While combining a unique experience in backend and frontend development, Mikhail’s strongest skills involve the development and maintenance of complicated multi-level databases and frameworks, including architecting of projects with massive dataflows and microservices.

For the last 15 years of his professional activities, Mikhail has been successfully leading development from scratch and impressive improving productivity and functionality of several major projects in Fintech industry. Specifically, Mikhail is highly qualified in data aggregation, integration of IT systems with bank and payment service providers, geographic localization of services, finding and fixing security issues, thus ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Mikhail leads and initiates all strategic IT development issues for FUNDAUS, ensures security of the data and the system as a whole by implementing requirements of the GDPR through individually developed IT solutions. He keeps a caring hand on ultimate control over IT system performance, thus being a key team member, securing our today activities and contributing in our future dreams and plans to come true.

Marina Latinceva

Chief Compliance Expert Learn more via LinkedIn

Marina has been an integral part of the professional FUNDAUS team from the very moment of the company’s foundation. Under Marina’s guidance and with her ultimate care, all mandatory internal procedures of the Platform have been developed in accordance with the regulations and pertaining to licensing of the Platform by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Estonia as financial services provider as well as the set of documents for our agent company, FUNDAUS TRUST AGENT OÜ, that was required to receive the operating license in the area of service of trust services.

The highest standards of FUNDAUS policies and procedures, in accordance with international AML requirements and best practice of financial market participants are backed with Marina’s previous more than 10-year-long experience in commercial banks, being a responsible for customer onboarding and due diligence. During this time, Marina has been involved in different processes related to AML in credit institutions, starting from development of policies and procedures, followed by in-depth client investigation and compliance supervision. With a passion for continuous improvement of her professional knowledge and skills, Marina follows and reports on all recent and prospective amendments in the field of AML regulation and never misses an opportunity to participate in vocational trainings and seminars.

Marina is also involved in all the processes related to GDPR and provides other advice and support in compliance. From 2019 Marina is a partner in BONAMEUS, Latvian legal bureau, which is an advisor and supporting company for FUNDAUS in legal and compliance issues.

Edvards Daniels

Web Designer Learn more via LinkedIn

Edvards is a digital marketing professional with ten years of experience within the digital advertising field. Edvards has extensive experience coordinating and leading web development projects in various industries with the key aspect on design, user interface and user experience.

Throughout the years Edvards has helped companies navigate the digital waters which includes everything from creating user acquisition strategies, developing creative part of advertising, media buying and also assisting on website conversion rate optimization.

Important to mention that most of the projects Edvards has helped to build is from ground-up and launched into the market. Last five years Edvards has been leading boutique digital marketing and web agency working with clients locally and internationally.

Inga Klavina (Inga Kļaviņa)

Chief AML Expert Learn more via LinkedIn

Inga Klavina is an experienced financier with a MBA degree obtained in Riga Business School and a 8-year-long experience in banking as Senior Client Executive in large corporate division of one of the top 3 banks in Latvia.

For over 10 years, Inga has been involved as a chief expert in managing investment projects in the Baltics, involving crediting and EU fund allocation. For the last 3 years, preceding the launch of FUNDAUS, she has been directly involved in real estate development and management operations, thus gaining practical experience in legal and financial aspects of real property sector.

Inga’s valuable expertise in finance and banking industry is successfully complemented with Anti-Money Laundering Specialist certification (CAMS) and so, she has necessary knowledge to perform mandatory Platform activities pertaining to client research and their risk assessment and fulfilment of other AML requirements applicable to crowdfunding service providers.

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