08 March 2021, Monday

Here we go… go, go, go!!!

2020-03-20 00:00:00

Attention! Attention please! These breaking news are yet our very first news in our digest, as our amazing crowdfunding platform FUNDAUS is being launched at the moment!
The red ribbon has been just festively cut, the glasses are filled with crisp and sparking champagne… Chin Chin!
Sit back and relax… and, hopefully, enjoy our tailor-made creature with such exclusive features as your personal bureau, called FUNDROOM, with its cozy leather chairs, handy buttons and personalized support service at your every step.
And, if you ask what is so special about us, here is what we are proud to tell you:
1. Modern vintage-looking newspaper
FUNDAUS is purposefully designed as a vintage newspaper. Yes, we do write stories… true and exciting, capturing and motivating. Choose the one you like, and, like with a wave of the wand, it will become colorful and picturesque even before you click.
Like flowers come into blossom, the investment projects gain their colors and strength, as we all together bring them to live, saturating with funds, step by step, coin by coin!
2. Probably best investment offers
FUNDAUS offers are only thoroughly selected investment proposals, duly assessed by a team of professionals, based on a combination of comprehensive and modern scoring-based approach and due diligence. Still, you are always free to choose the project you personally like as well as to limit your minimum investment – for individuals it starts with as low as 50 EUR and for legal entities – with 300 EUR, thus providing maximum diversification and matching your own risk profile.
For maximum transparency and protection of our investors, we have provided all information on each our project and borrower, based on prospective EU Regulation on crowdfunding service providers, which is expected to come into force between 2020 and 2022 and not binding yet, but we choose to be compliant with this draft regulation from the very first day operating in the market!
All and any of our investment proposals are secured with liquid collateral which may be real estate or a combination of real property with commercial facilities like production equipment. In any case LTV (loan-to-value) does not exceed 70% of collateral market value at the day of placing the offer, according to certified valuators’ appraisal. In some cases, additional security measures, like commercial pledge or personal guarantee, are imposed. Our associated company named FUNDAUS TRUST AGENT has been especially established for holding of all documentation and collateral to protect the rights of investors and to ensure you feel secure and comfortable.
3. Immediate professional support
We are just at a stretched arm distance or one-click-away every time you need to ask a question or make an inquiry. Fell free to seek for a personalized support from your personal bureau – FUNDROOM – or anonymously - if you prefer - by using our contact details, and our support team will be ready to deal with any technical issues or to provide additional information, explanations or guidelines. Do not hesitate to inquire additional information on our investment offers or ask specialized questions pertaining to legal, finance or taxation sphere – in this case your inquiry will be purposefully addressed to an appropriate niche professional and you will get a comprehensive answer as soon as possible.
4. Success stories you personally contribute to
Do you know that you personally contribute to our success stories? Every your success is our achievement and your benefit is our glory. We have no small and large clients and there are no tiny or giant investments either. Money makes money and every cent can make a significant contribution. We exist to serve you and to make your money work for you and our mission is to contribute to your wealthier and safer future.
5. Best team ever
We do not hesitate to tell that we are simply the best – a team of outstanding and unique experienced professionals in banking and finance, law and compliance, real estate and investments, IT development and client support. All and any of our team members treats FUNDAUS business like its own, sharing its valuable knowledge and making its highest contribution and best efforts from day to day.
But… talking big is not a big deal, thus let the fruits of our job speak for us. Our excellence. Our professionalism. Our honor. Still, we believe our highest professional achievement is your comfort and satisfaction. The fact you like us and the way you do.

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